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Goa Water Sports

Goa is well known for its water sports activities. In India all beach destinations do not offer water sports, so in a way Goa becomes unique.

With its different hues of crystal clear blue waters, Goa is a favourite haunt for water sports enthusiasts. Some of the water sports activities that can be enjoyed when you visit this western state of India are snorkeling , scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing.

So what are waiting for? Come to Goa and swim with kaleidoscopic aquatic life, glide on crystal blue waters of the Arabian like a pro and face the breaking waves with gusto and get your fix of adventure.



Snorkeling is generally typically done in shallow water. The basic premise of snorkeling is very simple.

Floating on the surface of water and looking down at all the fish is an experience of a lifetime. With its clear waters with variant marine ecosystems, Goa is one of few places in India where best snorkeling is offered.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving As with snorkeling, one of the best places in India to indulge in scuba diving is Goa. Barracuda diving in Goa is one of the oldest dive centres in the country. Scuba diving takes marine viewing from being a voyeuristic activity to a participatory activity.

You are no longer on the top of the surface looking down but you are down there in the reef, part of the underwater landscape. Coming face-to-face with the vivid aquatic life is one of the rewards of going scuba diving in Goa.


ParasailingSea based parasailing is offered in Goa. It is a great adrenaline rush.

Parasailing has been a popular in Goa for several years. Parasailing is one of the best ways of spending your vacation in this western state of India.

For those looking to parasail in Goa, the beaches of Anjuna, Calangute, Baga and Candolim are the best places to indulge in.



Thanks to its long coastline Goa presents itself as one of the good windsurfing destinations in India.

When it comes to windsurfing, be forewarned. Unlike scuba and snorkeling, windsurfing is a more demanding sport. Windsurfing combines the best of wind and water.



For those fond of board sports such as kitesurfing, Goa is a paradise. Kitesurfing is a bit harder to get started.

It takes a couple of days before you are able to get vertical on the board. There is a kietsurifng club in Goa.