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Vegator Beach

Vagator Beach is very near Anjuna beach and houses several dilapidated farmhouses and scenic Portuguese bungalows. It is separated from Anjuna Beach by two km of hilly tops and arid grassland, Chapora Fort lies in the vicinity and is a great attraction for tourists. This is one of Goa's popular beaches.

The soul elevating and stunning beauty of Vagator Beach, the northernmost beach of Bardez Taluka in the western state of Goa, attracts visitors who relax and rejuvenate in vibrant surroundings of the beach. Quiet and clean, the Vagator Beach, some 25 km away from the Goan capital of Panjim, is conveniently located.

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Vegator Beach

What makes Vagator Beach a compelling travel destination is the presence of the splendid red cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea. Seat yourself on the sands and watch the relentless waves crashing against the rocks. Located north of Anjuna, Vegator Beach is a peaceful fishing village where tourists can explore the different hues and shades of a vibrant Goa.

One of the beaches of the North Goa, Vagator Beach is divided into three sections -- Big Vagator, Little Vagator and Ozran. Of these while Big Vagtor is frequented by the Indian beach goers, Little Vagator, also known as Tel Aviv Beach, is the darling of the Israelis and the Europeans.

Synonymous with rave parties and trance, the Vagator Beach is one of the ports of calling for the Western backpackers while they are for a sojourn in Goa. The Indian tourists also flock here in great numbers to have a glimpse of the awe-inspiring view of the sunset from the rocks adjoining the beach. In the vicinity of the beach lies the five century old Portuguese fort of Chapora which is one of the star attractions of Goa.

A foodie's paradise, Vagator Beach is famous for a number of restaurants, bars and cafes serving some of the best of sumptuous European and Goan cuisines. Some of the restaurants and bars in close proximity to beach host trance parties adding frenzy to the nightlife for which Goa has been recently raked sixth in the world by National Geographic Chaneel. One of these happening bars is Nine Bar, located on top of a hill overlooking Ozran beach which is at the left side of the Vagator. You can enjoy early evening partying at sunset at Nine Bar.

Vagator beach is nine kilometers from Mapusa, one of the major cities of Goa. The nearest railhead is Thivim.