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Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach lies south of Majorda and north of Colva. Nearby is the Betalbatim village which has a famous hindu temple that give sthe place its name. The Church Of Our Lady Of Remedios, built by the Jesuits in 1630 and reconstructed in 1807, is an attraction.

Located 7km north of Colva Beach, Utorda beach in the sate of Goa is perfect for those beach goers for whom a day at the beach should be peaceful and relaxing. One of the secluded beaches of the state, Utorda beach is fast emerging as a hot spot for honeymooners.

A firm favourite with Western backpackers, Utorda beach, is an oasis of tranquility and a well kept secret of Goa. The beautiful beach is lonely, stunning and laid back and is an ideal destination for sun bathers of all ages who wish to have time far from the madding crowd. Visitors to this beach can relax under the sun for hours.

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Utorda Beach

The wide stretches of silvery soft sand along the crystal-clear blue waters of Arabian Sea offers opportunity to nature lovers to walk for miles amidst the natural beauty of this beach. Since the sea is calm at Utorda Beach, you can enjoy swimming here.

The beach is also ideal for adventure activities including snorkeling. For those who wish to do something other than a day by the seat, Utorda Beach also makes for an excellent travel base to explore the sights around Madgaon. Located adjacent to the beach is the Betalbatim village which is home to Damodar Temple.

You can find a number of beachside restaurants and shacks on the Utorda beach. These restaurants and shacks, offering sizzling seafood and Goan cuisines, are a definite must-visit when you happen to be at the Utorda beach. For accommodations facilities, Kenilworth Beach Resort & Spa Hotel and Galaxy Beach Resort Hotel offer a pleasant stay coupled with outstanding facilities and warm hospitality.

25 km. from Panaji, the capital of Goa, the tropical paradise of Utorda beach is 8 km away from Margao in South Goa. The nearest railhead to the beach is Marago.