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Pololem Beach

Palolem Beach is also called Paradise beach. That is so perhaps because it gives a feeling of being in Paradise. It has huts and shacks which are classy and are aimed at discerning visitors. Cycling, walking and even boat rides are options that are on offer.

A top tourist destination of Goa Palolem Beach is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Located at the west of Chaudi town in South Goa, the crescent-shaped Palolem Beach is blessed with crystal-clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea. About 1.61 km long stretch of Palolem Beach is renowned for its white sand and palm trees that make it a compelling destination for the tourists from around the world. The beach was featured in the American spy film The Bourne Supremacy, based on the novel of the same name written by Robert Ludlum. The northern end of the Palolem beach is at the spot where a river runs into the sea.

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Pololem Beach

What makes Palolem Beach a rewarding tourist destination is the presence of dolphins. You can enjoy Dolphin Cruises to spot the beautiful dolphins. The best times to spot the dolphins are early morning or at sunset. Fishing is another activity for those who love the peaceful and quiet ambience of the beach. Palolem's nightlife is very calm, giving a pleasant break from the chaos of other Goa beaches. For the wildlife lovers, the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary makes a pleasant day trip from Palolem beach, offers a glimpse of the flora and fauna and rare varieties of species.

Just 7km south of Agonda beach, Palolem Beach also offers the visitors a wide array of water sports. Whether you're into Jetsking, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, boating, fishing or kayaking, you can enjoy all these at the Palolem beach. Jetsking tops the list of water sports offered at the beach,

When it comes to accommodation options at Palolem Beach, the temporary coco huts erected near the beach will offer you a pleasant stay amidst the idyllic surroundings where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself to the soothing sound of the sea and gentle swaying of the palm trees. Those in search for modern amenities can head to the world-class hotels and resorts located at a short distance from the Palolem beach.

2 km from the town of Canacona, Palolem Beach is a 40 minute drive Margao in South Goa. The nearest railheads are Marago and Canacona.