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Goa Beaches

Goa has many many beaches to offer. The choice of too many leaves even hardcore tourists gasping for air. It would be wise to choose a few good beaches and spend some time there, rather than go beach hopping. Seeing goa's beaches is not enough, you have to experience them to know what wonderful promises these beaches hold.

Goa Beaches are a preferred destination of foreigners. However in the long list of Goa beaches some names stand out for the foreigner crowd like the Manderem beach. You can see sunbathers happily sunbathing along the beach line. A marked difference between Indian tourists and foreign tourist is that they come to Goa to relax by the sunny sea and are not in a hurry to leave and cover distance. The Indian tourist usually goes and sees the beach many times not even stepping into the water. That's a pity because spending at least one full day at one particular beach will make you experience the uniqueness of each beach the evening life, the night life, the food at the shaks and even the massage, the tattoo and water sports.

Goa Beaches List