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Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is beautiful and only 50 km from Panaji. This beach is made of 2 parts, the popular being called Harmal beach. Since part of Arambol beach is secluded people appreciate its beauty to a greater nearby cliffs lend it an out of this world beauty.

The major attractions are water sports and dolphins that appear frequently. Nearby is also a hot water spring that is popular.

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Arambol Beach

There are many spectacular beaches in the world, but very few are as stunning and awe-inspiring as Arambol Beach. Located some 50 km away from the Goan capital of Panaji and 36 km northwest of Mapusa, Arambol Beach, fast emerging as a new Mecca of Goa's hippies, is Included in "The Guardian's" list of the top 10 beaches in the world. The Arambol beach's main claim to fame is the magnificent red cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea.

If you are in search of a secluded beach in Goa, Arambol is the destination where life proceeds at a polite pace at this isolated beach perfect for leisurely walks. What makes the Arambol beach all the more travel destination is its stunning setting against the backdrop of a hill looming over a freshwater lagoon.

The drive up the winding path through the groove of cashew trees leading to Arambol beach is a scenic feast for your eyes.

Since the sea at the covelike Arambol Beach is calm, swimming is quite safe here. Unless you've been at Arambol Beach, there is a distinct possibility that you really haven't experienced the water sports and outdoor adventure activities. The presence of the cliffs near in the close proximity to the Arambol beach makes it immensely popular for paragliding enthusiasts. Whether you're into wind and kite surfing, sailing, diving, boating, fishing or kayaking, Arambol Beach s the place in Goa to do them all.

Apart from the beach, tourists can also discover other attractions at Arambol. The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is deservedly a travel highlight in Arambo not to be missed. One of the most famous forts of Goa, Tiracol Fort is now converted a heritage hotel, named the Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage. This wonderful Portuguese fort at Tiracol is also home to a beautiful small church and offers a panoramic view of the beaches, the river Tiracol and the blue waters of the sea.

The 16-kilometer stretch of the Arambol Beach, located in the northern part of Goa, has some nonstop stalls shops which will provide you're a wonderful shopping experience.